Design your own Chariot Sign!

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Chariot Media and Segway!!!

Segways are the perfect device to advertise your business or event!
We use Chariot Media signs on our Segway Human Transporters at YOUR events to:
- Pass out information
- Transport Employees at Corporate Events
- And much more!

If you are interested in using our Segway and Chariot Media Services,
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Oregon Live had great success with our Chariots.

Excellent way to get out to the public with this alternative form of marketing!

About The Chariots:

Mounted on a Segway Human Transporter

Each Chariot has an acrylic skin attached to it which has a four color vinyl wrap layered on

Skins can be changed in a matter of seconds to allow multiple messages

Carry pouches are attached to the chariot, allowing the rider to distribute flyers, sample packs, etc

Chariots run for up to 5 - 8 hours per battery charge, spare batteries are always charged and can be changed in a matter of seconds